Friday, March 27, 2009

How Time Passes

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

How Time Passes

An old friend of mine passed away this morning. He was one of the Sheriff's that I had worked for in my long career in law enforcement. He would have been 77 in June. I could always remember that because he was born in 1932 and I was born in 1942 ten years later.

When things like this happen the phone starts to ring and other old friends call to talk about things. That always is very nostalgic as well as depressing.

I had not seen my friend for a couple of years. He lived at Green Mountain Reservoir about 25 miles north of me. I would run into him in town or at Wal Mart and we would always stop and talk for a while about old times and old friends.

These are the times when we should all reflect on the importance of our old friends and remind ourselves to give them a call or stop by to see them before it is too late. g

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