Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Long And Snowy Night

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom gary@garylindstrom.com

A Long And Snowy Night

It started snowing yesterday but it was one of those irritating snowfalls. I only accumulated on my lawn but on the driveway and the street it melted as soon as it hit.

My son Matt and his girlfriend (my girlfriend in law) Maria came up to ride snowboards and the prospects were slim to nothing. My students are the best barometer and they tell me that the snow has been crap for several weeks. Not good.

But the silver lining in that cloud is that we got a whole butt load of snow overnight. Looks good to me.

My only association with snow is driving from the house in Breckenridge to the Hospital in Frisco where I work in the Community Care Clinic. I suppose that is something to contend with at my age.

My big deal today is deciding if I will wear my usual cowboy boots or my sorrel's that will keep me in an upright position in the snow. Hey, I like a challenge. Cowboy boots it is. Walking in those puppies is much like skiing. g

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