Monday, March 23, 2009

Will Wonders Never Cease

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

Will Wonders Never Cease

The stock market closed today at 7775 after a nearly 500 point gain on good news from the Treasury Department.

Let's hope it holds and continues to climb. I am ready for this to be over with.

An observation. has had a great quarter. Jeff Bezos the founder and CEO is really into innovation. He created a system of selling and distributing books that works so very well. Now he is promoting the Kindle and electronic reader that will hold up to 1500 books in memory. You buy the download of the book and you can read it at your leisure.

I remember talking about this over 15 years ago and people thought I was a heretic. Do away with the print media? Do away with books? I want something I can hold in bed before I go to sleep. I like the smell of a book, of the pages of the ink.

These are the same people who are now watching their print media companies fold every day. These are the same people who will never let go of an idea who's time has past.

They should all call up Jeff and ask him how to be progressive and innovative. Before it is too late. g

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