Thursday, April 30, 2009

They are all naked

I remember watching the first meeting with Congress, executives of the big three auto companies and the auto unions. Congress was very aggressive as usual asking how are you going to solve this problem? The big three auto company executives had a deer in the headlights look showing their fear and trepidation. The union guy sat there with this smug look on his face acting typically arrogant. He had his contracts and congress or no one else was ever going to take that away.

Today Chrysler declared bankruptcy and General Motors will not be far behind. I wonder what that union guy looks like today? My heart is broken for the men and women who worked at the factories and especially for their families. I feel nothing but anger toward the unions and how they kept pushing and pushing for a bigger slice of the pie until there was no pie left to eat. Shame on them.

It has nothing to do with the economy. It was a train wreck that was happening for the past few years. They were all in major denial.

The organizations that are in the biggest trouble, the banks, the auto industry, the unions and the print media continue to have the attitude of "The Emperor's New Clothes." The time is getting close to the point where they will all look at each other and realize that they are all naked.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A smaller footprint

I am just wrapping up my Spring semester classes at Colorado Mountain College. I had over 70 students in Contemporary World History, American Government and Sociology II. I also had two other students in independent study in Sociology I. I sometimes teach in Dillon and Breckenridge. My classes now are in Dillon but my administration is in Breckenridge.

The past two weeks have been very busy with final presentations, essays and final examinations. Lots of work on the part of each student and then multiply that by over 70 for me.

We sometimes question the time, energy and money that we up into the Internet with computers, software and the ever present learning curve. This morning I came to grips with exactly how valuable it really is to our poor planet. My computer and printer have been going non-stop with assignments and reports coming in and going out from students. Each event represents one time that my students and I do not have to start our cars and drive to the campus to share information. Our carbon footprint is reduced by hundreds of times.

Imagine the savings for business and industry. I know a woman in Silverthorne who works in an office in Ohio every day. She telecommutes from her bedroom in Summit County. I can't imagine the positive impact on our environment.

Before you curse the darkness come to appreciate the sunshine.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The lone ranger

Several medical experts say that the masks do not protect anyone from the flu or anything else. Apparently the openings in the mask that allow you to breath also allows the virus to come through.

Some enterprising bandits in Mexico found them useful yesterday. There was a law against wearing masks in banks (good law) but because of the flu issue the law was lifted. Yesterday several men in masks robbed a bank and went unnoticed for a while because everyone was wearing masks too. Talk about taking advantage of adversity.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A real and present danger

It is funny how our attention has gone from the deep, deep recession to a new strain of Swine Flu.

Distractions in time of crisis are actually good. We shift our attention to something that, hopefully, will be passing and curable from something that might last another ten years and is not fixable in my opinion.

We really do live our lives one day at and time and the things that we focus our attention on are things that are near and dear to us. Our health and safety is an immediate threat and something that we can actually feel. Something that impacts us and our loved ones.

The world economy is over there. The flu is a real and present danger.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A matter of two

You know how it takes a couple of months after the first of the year to start writing the correct year on checks and other things. Some of us are perpetually a year behind. A day late and a dollar short. I just noticed that I have even regressed nearly ten years. I am still starting the year with a one. As in 1999 for example.

Is it wishful thinking? Am I returning to a bygone era? I doubt it. After writing the beginning of the year with a one it has taken at least nine years for me to get out of the habit. Maybe by 2020 I might have it down.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Smell Of Money

It seems like our seasons are changing daily lately. One front after another blowing across the Gore Range and bringing snow or very warm weather. The voles are back in force along with a lush green lawn that, once again, will be full of dandelions. Oh well. I guess that all of that is part of nature.

Saw a piece this morning about how heavy people have a bigger carbon footprint and have a negative impact on the environment. It seems that fat people eat more (imagine that) and that it takes more fuel to haul a fat person around in a car than it does a more svelte being.

I grew up in a farming community and spent a lot of my youth moving manure in one form or other. The more interesting things in this whole debate is the amount methane gas (farts) that livestock produce and how that is bad for global warming. Global warming? How about the fact that it is just plain unpleasant?

My aunt Elsie used to say that was the smell of money as she would be cooking on her cob fired stove in the kitchen on the farm as the odoriferous odors of the pig lot would move through the room. Yum.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Work ethic

I will turn 67 in a few days. Each birthday represents a time of review and introspection. I have five children and seven grandchildren and this semester I was teaching over 70 students at the college with an average age of around 20. It is easy for my life to flash before me on a daily basis when I think of the age of the young people in my life and where I was at that time of my life.

I see a major change in the work ethic. Somewhere we have forgotten teach children to work. My mother made me go to the local store each day and sweep the floors for 25 cents and hour. I was nine years old. I have worked almost every day since. At the time I resented being made to work and thought that I was being cheated because my friends got to sleep in and just hang out all day long. Remember that was in the 1940s and it has gotten worse since then.

Young people today seem to think that a house and food and clothes are some sort of entitlement that just comes with life. Today's generation will oftentimes graduate from college and move back home to live in the same room they occupied during the first eighteen years of their life. It is no wonder they feel it is an entitlement.

Maybe this downturn in our economy will cause some to learn a good work ethic. They now say this is the worst recession since World War II. Maybe when the money and benefits from mom and dad slow down or stop they will wake up and finally decide that they need to get up, get out and go to work. Let's hope so. Let's hope so for their generation and not mine. g

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pump up the volume

Pump up the volume

I left the State Legislature in January of 2007 over two years ago. I really do not miss it. Being a legislator was a big disappointment. I did not fit in with the party faithful or the lobbyists. The true purpose of being a legislator is getting reelected and not serving the people. It is being self serving for the most part. The truly funny part is that you have to work 24/7 to keep your job that only pays $30,000 a year. Hardly worth the effort but it is a passion for some and an addiction for others.

I remain an observer. As an observer it is almost a joke. 100 men and women trying to pass bills where there is no funding due to budget problems. It seriously futile.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day In New York 1970

I was working in the New York City Police Department headquarters on Center Street in lower Manhattan on the first Earth Day in 1970. I remember hearing about it on the news and wondering what it was all about. I had spent most of the last several years dealing with anti-war demonstrators and watching all of the people who hated Nixon. I was ready for something a little more peaceful.

On my lunch hour I walked north toward mid-town past the East Village and Greenwich Village seeing a lot of people out celebrating the day. It was a very positive time in the midst of some very negative stuff. I was happy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hands Free Cellphone Law

Hands Free Does Not Mean Brain Free

Several years ago a young Summit High student veered into the front end of a oncoming County dump truck near the Snake River Crossing by Summit Cove. She was not wearing her seat belt and was shoved completely under the dash. She lived but was crushed in the accident and spent a long time in rehab. She told the story that she had dropped a cassette tape on the floor of her car and she reached down to pick it up and in doing so turned the steering wheel enough to go into the oncoming lane.

About ten years ago a young female deputy sheriff working for me was driving toward Breckenridge to pick up her son from child care. She was a single mom and had worked for me for almost ten years. We can only surmise this but it appears that she dropped a cigarette or was reaching for something when she inadvertently pulled the steering wheel driving into a oncoming car. She was not wearing a seat belt and she hit her back on the floor mounted gearshift fracturing her spine which eventually killed her.

Colorado will soon have a law that will require everyone to have a hands free device if you talk on your cell phone while driving. I notice that most of the people on the road today are talking on the phone.

This has been studied to death and the real problem is not the cell phone but the distraction. When you are talking on the phone you are not paying attention to your driving.

I think that we are only solving part of the problem. The real problem is stupid drivers. The real problem is that people seldom think about the fact that they are driving a deadly weapon that could kill them or innocent others.

We need to pass a law requiring a brain to operate a vehicle.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Contradiction of Terms

The People's Republic of Boulder

I have already used the word oxymoron recently so I will call this a contradiction in terms.

Yesterday I was in the People's Republic of Boulder in a sandwich shop buying a salad. While I was waiting I started reading the usual Boulder number of hand written signs on the wall. Two near the cash register caught my eye. One said that they would add 10% to your bill if you were caught talking on your cell phone while waiting in line. Freedom of speech? The other sign said that if you had parked in the parking lot next door the restaurant would hold your order until you moved your car. They were tired of hearing from the neighbors about their customers parking in their lot. Freedom of association?

One might think that in a "Live and let live" city like Boulder the businesses would be a bit more open minded and friendly. The place was packed so I guess it did not matter or maybe I was the only person reading the signs.

Sunday, April 19, 2009



Lots of discussion this morning on Colorado, National and International news about the anniversary of Columbine tomorrow. I sometimes wonder why we commemorate disasters. I get queasy each time I watch the Challenger exploding or the World Trade Center collapsing or think of Columbine.

I realize that we are remembering the victims and their families and not the bad event but they are intermixed.

I have a connection with Columbine. I was the Director of Security of Jefferson County Schools from 1972 to 1976. I built Columbine High School at the same time we built Green Mountain High School and Pomona High School. They all had the same design and floor plan. When I was helping to put the security in the building we were only concerned about alarm systems for burglaries and not shooters.

John Stone the Sheriff on the Columbine event was a former Lakewood Agent as was I. I think that the event ended his Law Enforcement career. He was also a Jefferson County Commissioner before becoming Sheriff. Lots of connections.

The only problem I had was if I was in charge I would have sent the troops into the building and probably saved several lives. Waiting allowed some to die for lack of medical treatment while the shooters had already killed themselves. I realize that no one knew if they were dead but I would have gone in right away to find out. I still see that silly mistake being made even more recently in Binghamton. At Virginia Tech the police thought that the first shootings were the end and they backed off on their response only to have more killed later. Virginia Tech was the worst shooting in our history much to the fault of the local and state police.

I know it is easy to be a Monday morning quarterback but when I was a police officer I swore to "protect and serve" and waiting in the wings is not protecting anyone.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slow speed transportation

Slow speed transportation

Vail Pass closed yesterday afternoon. Then CDOT closed all of I 70 from Golden to Eagle almost 100 miles. I was supposed to meet with a student from Vail at 7:30 am this morning and he just called at around 10 am to let me know the pass is open and he is on his way. It was closed for a good part of 24 hours.

One might think that this is just when it snows but it is not. It is like this every weekend from Denver to the Ski Areas. When I go to Boulder on Sundays I am going the opposite direction of the traffic each way so I miss it but can see it. What a mess. We had Governors and Transportation Directors for years who poured billions into the road system in Denver without a dime for the High Country.

I guess that is the price of our great views. g

Friday, April 17, 2009

White on white

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

White on white

Visibility this morning from my window on the world is about 200 yards. We have been having steady snow for the past 24 hours and it is not supposed to end until tomorrow (Saturday) around noon. The Boulder National Weather Service Radar does not even show that it is snowing here but, as I have said before, their radar cannot look into the Blue River Valley of Summit County.

I had my first road closure alert yesterday around 4 pm when they closed Vail Pass westbound. It is ironic in a way that the road never really closes because of the snow. The road closes because of the terrible drivers in Colorado. They all buy $50,000 SUVs and put huge tires on them and then drive 90 miles per hour regardless of the conditions. When they spin out and crash that is what causes the road closure and not the snow. It is an intelligence test in reality and those who crash have failed.

If everyone would drive a reasonable speed then life would be a lot simpler for those of us who do drive a reasonable speed. Oh well. I guess it keeps the tow companies and body shops in business. g

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The big three, music, film and history

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

The Big Three music, film and history

I have always loved music. All kinds of music. I actually have no patience with people who say there is only one kind of music that they like. I love country and western. I love opera. Big bands thrill me. You name it and I like it.

I also am a true film nut. I have seen most of the movies that I want to see that were produced in English. I moved on to Spanish films a few years ago. I took a course last year in Spanish Cinema and this summer I will be taking a course in Cuban films and Russian films. And yes, they are in Spanish and Russian. It is amazing how well you can understand a film if the acting is good.

A melding of the two for me has been Netflix. I have belonged to it for quite a while and love it. Read where Blockbuster might be going out of business because people do not want to drive to the store and yes, Blockbuster has the same program as Neflix.

I can get some great concerts from Neflix from Fleetwood Mac to the Dixie Chicks all in my living room in high definition and theatre sound. I even have a special couch to replicate the theater seating. The three major soul or rhythm and blues studios in the past were Motown in Detroit, Stax in Memphis and Cadillac Records in Chicago. You can watch films of all three on Netflix.

When I teach I keep the computer on with the display on the Smartboard. When something is appropriate I will play either You Tube or something else as an example of the film or the music. My students have to do a presentation for me and many use the same media.

In my World History class one night I was teaching about Charles Lindberg and historic flight to Paris. I explained that they even had a song and a dance about his trip called "The Lindy Hop." I played it for the class and then showed several examples of swing dancers dancing the Lindy Hop. It was amazing how the class picked up on this. I have 32 people in class and they all adopted the Lindy Hop. One student even found a vanity licence plate "Lindy Hop" as she was driving guests in her CME van to the airport in Denver. She took a photo of it with her phone and brought it to class to show.

Here is a link to a Lindy Hop contest. These dancers are amazing and keep in mind that his was a recent contest.

I love music, film and history. g

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weather happens

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

Weather happens

In addition to today being tax day I also got another thing from the government in my e mail this morning. A severe weather advisory for Breckenridge and Summit County for tomorrow (Thursday). An advisory means that it might happen a warning means that it will happen. They are even saying that points east of the divide could get 36 inches of new snow.

In my over forty years as a public servant and elected official I have carefully used my strongest negative comments for the Colorado Department of Transportation and the National Weather Service. Both manage to get it wrong more than they get it right. The National Weather Service put me on a special warning list so that I can get severe weather alerts before everyone else. Not that it makes them more accurate than before but I have a longer time to think about the possible consequences.

Here it is:


Just remember that it is spring and that baseball season has already started. Keep that in mind as you are shoveling 36 inches of spring off of your driveway. g

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am an oxymoron

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

I am an oxymoron

Over the weekend I talked to several people about the pirate situation in the Gulf of Aden. Frankly, I was getting frustrated over the apparent lack of action on the part of the United States.

Shipping companies have for a long time considered paying the ransom for the ships and crews the cost of doing business in the gulf. The numbers are staggering as to the total number of ships taken and the amount of money paid. The Alabama was unusual in that it was a ship flying the American flag with an American crew.

I have always been opposed to the death penalty because it has never been proven that it does anything. There has never been a person committing a murder who has thought about death penalty before they kill someone. Yes, they do think about it later but not at the time of the crime. The death penalty does not keep anyone from killing someone.

But I do strongly believe in justice. Lately I have been telling people that we should blow the life boat out of the water as a message to the pirates. And to keep blowing the life boats out of the water as a message to all of the pirates of the future.

We are not fighting a war against terrorists. We are fighting a war against criminals.

I hate the death penalty but I believe in justice. To kill the pirates where they stand is justice.

Yes, am an oxymoron. g

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nature on my doorstep

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

Nature on my doorstep

Through the thin veil of my bedroom curtain this morning I could see a very large, magnificent Red Fox eating Vole Tar Tar for breakfast. I thought that he could see me peering at him because each time I moved he stopped eating. But never mind. He was able to finish his food. I wonder if Vole is a delicacy in France or China? The only thing that deterred him from his food was a very large lady walking a very large Husky on the road near my house. The fox seemed to be sizing up the woman and the Husky and finally decided that the odds were against him and he wandered off to find dessert. g

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

Sunday morning comin' down

That was a song written by Kris Kristofferson and was made a hit by Janice Joplin and has been released by many artists including Willy Nelson and Johnny Cash. All are great versions although I think that Kris has the single worse voice of any singer that ever lived if you don't include me.

He has an interesting story. He was an Air Force brat as a son of a Major General. and became a Captain flying helicopters. He also completed Army Ranger School. He was a Rhodes Scholar (like Bill Clinton) and ended up being offered a job at West Point teaching American History that he declined.

After the military he decided he wanted a career in country music and he went to Nashville. He could not find a job and ended up as a janitor in music studio cleaning at night. From that venue he was able to observe the process and the stars and was a quick learner. He talked to the right people and offered up his songs and the rest is history. He met Bob Dylan who recorded Blond on Blond there as well as Johnny Cash.

He has also starred in many movies with some very high profile actors. I like watching him sing in large groups of other singers where you can't really hear his voice. I am sure that he is a great guy and tries very hard to sing but unfortunately we have to live with the tools God gave us. He has had many number one hits in his lifetime. As a point of reference the Grateful Dead never had a number one hit. g

Another Place

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

Another place

Yesterday (Saturday) I left Breckenridge at around 5 am to drive to a place north of Fort Collins for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club Executive Committee quarterly meeting. Nice bunch of folks aged from 20 to 90 and all keenly sensitive to environmental issues.

The location was a meeting place on a small pond named Primrose Studio. It was given to the City of Fort Collins by the Udall family (not the political family) to provide a quiet and idyllic setting for meetings and contemplation. Dorothy was an artist and the building is a gallery of her works including a very nice watercolor hanging above the toilet in the men's room. Too bad the women will never see that one. Here is their web site so you can see for yourself.

We have had meetings in Girl Scout buildings, Banks, Senior Centers, Unitarian churches and in downtown Denver office buildings. I think they were all nice but this one was nicer.

After living my life as it has been I I have learned to prefer quiet. I did a personality test recently and I was amazed at how much I lust after quiet. Maybe it is just my old eardrums getting tired of vibrating. g

Friday, April 10, 2009


Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom


When we get the very first snows in the fall there is always a stark contrast between the ultra white snow on the high peaks above treeline and the darker tree covered areas below without snow. I have lived in Colorado for nearly 40 years and it still takes my breath away every year when this happens.

Now in the spring there is still snow in the trees so we lose the contrast but our late snows have a frosting feel to them. I remember white sugar frosting on birthday cakes where the frosting is not soft and pliable but it actually has a crust. That is the way our new snow in the past two weeks looks. That too takes my breath away. It is good enough to eat. g

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What color is your fat?

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

What color is your fat?

Getting up at 4 am every day and listening to BBC World News and NPR Morning Edition can be mind broadening or maybe mind bending.

This morning there was a discussion about the color of body fat. Now having attended hundreds of autopsies I will tell you point blank that body fat is yellow. Not white. Not green. But yellow. Even the thinnest dead person has fat. Nice yellow fat. It looks just like suet that you would get from the meat cutter for your bird feeder.

This morning I found out that the bad fat in our bodies is yellow and the good fat in our bodies is brown. Yes brown. Never saw any brown fat. Apparently brown fat actually eats calories. It has something to do with producing heat. Yes calories are measured in heat production.

Anyway the study is going to be published this week in the Journal of American Medicine.

The bottom line is that if you keep your house at 60 degrees all the time your body will produce more brown fat to generate more calories or heat to offset the cold. In simple terms we are too fat because we keep our homes too warm.

There will be a test later. g

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There goes another dream

Summit County
Gary Lindstrom

There goes another dream

With the piracy in the Indian Ocean against super tankers I guess my childhood dream of sailing around the world on a tramp steamer has gone by the wayside. (smiling)

Actually growing up in very flat and relatively dry Iowa I have never wanted to go to sea. I lived in New York City off and on for ten years and went out on day trips fishing in the Atlantic. My head and stomach could not handle the movement of the ship.

I also find it funny that now months and maybe years later a bunch of people have come out of the woodwork as experts on pirates. I guess they read Terry and the Pirates as kids. Sometimes people become experts in their own minds.

The Marine Corps Hymn has a couple of lines of interest. One is "From the halls of Montezuma" that refers to when the United States invaded Mexico and marched all the way to Mexico City. It had something to do with manifest destiny and the push west to the Pacific Ocean.

The other one is "From the Shores of Tripoli" that refers to the American Navy and the Marine Corps going into Morocco to put down the pirates along the Barbary Coast. See. We do have a history with pirates. Hillary Clinton mentioned that on the news last night.

I guess I will have to remain high and dry at 9600 feet in Breckenridge. So much for sailing. g

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

100% Increase In Same Sex States

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

100% Increase In Same Sex States

What a difference one week can make. A week ago it was just Massachusetts and Connecticut with approval of same sex relationships. Iowa was added a few days ago and today the legislature in Vermont overruled the veto of the Governor and became the fourth state. A 100% increase in the number of states that have come to their senses.

I think of all four the Iowa decision was the best. The Iowa constitution forbids discrimination against any person or group. The Iowa Supreme Court said that their law was against the constitution of the state.

It is so refreshing to see that now four states have recognized that it is now 2009 and not 1809. Let freedom ring. g

Monday, April 6, 2009

Age Has To Do With The Relatives

Age Has To Do With The Relatives

My little boy Eric turns 42 today. His older sister Christine turns 45 on the 10th. I guess age has to do with relatives.

My youngest child Matt will be 29 this year. That is so very hard to imagine. It seems like just yesterday he was a kid enjoying snowboarding on new snow here in Breckenridge. Wait a minute. That was him and I guess he is still just a kid.

My other two kids are getting older too but they would prefer that I not mention that.

They say that you have two ages. One is the chronological age that everyone sees. Mine is going to be 67 in a couple of weeks. The other age is the one in your heart. Mine remains 22. Other than having to fall out of bed in the morning due to stiffness I still feel great. I am still doing an hour of Yoga and stretches and do at least six miles a day on the treadmill.

It is all in your mind. Now if I can convince my mind to make it easier to peel myself out of bed in the morning. g

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Mouse That Roared

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

The Mouse That Roared

North Korea finally shot their wad. Their rocket. According to observers it did not come close to being a threat. This is the second or third one that they have fired to get the attention of the US and the rest of the world.

North Korea is starving to death and needs help from the west. As long as they have their current attitude that is not going to happen.

I am reminded of the Peter Sellers' movie many years ago where he headed up a small country in Europe that needed aid from the US. He saw that countries that had attacked the US got a lot of aid after the war. He declared war on the US but no one paid any attention. He and his buddies put on some medieval armor and went to Washington to get their attention. Small country (the mouse) that roared (declared war) to get aid.

I think that North Korea is saber rattling and seriously needs attention to get into the same loop that has now made Russia and China two of the most wealthy countries in the world.

North Korea is now the mouse that roared. g

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How Times Change

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

How Times Change

The last guy said, "It is my way or the highway." The new guy says, "Let's sit down and talk." I like talking a lot better. g

Friday, April 3, 2009

Living On The Wild Side

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

Living on the Wild Side

My son's Boxer Mix Reina lived with me for several weeks during his transition. Now my daughter's Manx cat Max is living with me during her transition. I sometimes feel I am running a safe house for animals.

With the heavy snow during the past week my lawn has become a map of the travels of at least a couple of different species. I can see the tracks of a couple of Fox across the snow. They are probably looking for small mammals or slightly larger domestic cats. I can also see the tracks of the Coyotes as they search for food during the night. One set of tracks led to a larger group near my house and it looks like they played and rolled in the snow for a while. I guess they were staying up late to live on the wild side. g

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

April Fool

I found it interesting after my very depressing rant about the weather on March 31 and when I did not publish a BLOG yesterday on April 1 that none of my readers hitched up their sled dogs and mushed over to my house to see if I was laying frozen and stuck to the concrete in my driveway. Ah rejection.

Well I am ok. I just had a busy day yesterday and by the time I thought about writing a BLOG it was bedtime. Yes, bedtime for me is 9 pm.

Hope springs eternal as well as Spring hopes eternal. This morning there is a bright yellow ball in the eastern sky. I may be wrong but it could be the sun.

Last night after class in Dillon I did drive home in a blinding snow storm. The Interstate between Dillon and Frisco is six lanes and the drivers last night had figured out how to put six cars across three lanes. Of course they were all driving five miles an hour. I went into NASCAR mode and managed to pass the entire line and found that there was not one car in front of the mass.

When I was the Coroner I had a death in a single car accident, car vs. elk, along that same stretch. The driver was a young man from Avon who had just stopped to get coffee before heading home. He did not have his seat belt on and he popped out the sun roof when he hit the elk in the middle of the Interstate. So much for espresso.

I always say goodbye to my students after every class period with, "If you have sex wear a condom and if you drive wear your seat belt." Let's prevent unwanted life and unplanned death. g