Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

April Fool

I found it interesting after my very depressing rant about the weather on March 31 and when I did not publish a BLOG yesterday on April 1 that none of my readers hitched up their sled dogs and mushed over to my house to see if I was laying frozen and stuck to the concrete in my driveway. Ah rejection.

Well I am ok. I just had a busy day yesterday and by the time I thought about writing a BLOG it was bedtime. Yes, bedtime for me is 9 pm.

Hope springs eternal as well as Spring hopes eternal. This morning there is a bright yellow ball in the eastern sky. I may be wrong but it could be the sun.

Last night after class in Dillon I did drive home in a blinding snow storm. The Interstate between Dillon and Frisco is six lanes and the drivers last night had figured out how to put six cars across three lanes. Of course they were all driving five miles an hour. I went into NASCAR mode and managed to pass the entire line and found that there was not one car in front of the mass.

When I was the Coroner I had a death in a single car accident, car vs. elk, along that same stretch. The driver was a young man from Avon who had just stopped to get coffee before heading home. He did not have his seat belt on and he popped out the sun roof when he hit the elk in the middle of the Interstate. So much for espresso.

I always say goodbye to my students after every class period with, "If you have sex wear a condom and if you drive wear your seat belt." Let's prevent unwanted life and unplanned death. g

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