Thursday, April 16, 2009

The big three, music, film and history

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

The Big Three music, film and history

I have always loved music. All kinds of music. I actually have no patience with people who say there is only one kind of music that they like. I love country and western. I love opera. Big bands thrill me. You name it and I like it.

I also am a true film nut. I have seen most of the movies that I want to see that were produced in English. I moved on to Spanish films a few years ago. I took a course last year in Spanish Cinema and this summer I will be taking a course in Cuban films and Russian films. And yes, they are in Spanish and Russian. It is amazing how well you can understand a film if the acting is good.

A melding of the two for me has been Netflix. I have belonged to it for quite a while and love it. Read where Blockbuster might be going out of business because people do not want to drive to the store and yes, Blockbuster has the same program as Neflix.

I can get some great concerts from Neflix from Fleetwood Mac to the Dixie Chicks all in my living room in high definition and theatre sound. I even have a special couch to replicate the theater seating. The three major soul or rhythm and blues studios in the past were Motown in Detroit, Stax in Memphis and Cadillac Records in Chicago. You can watch films of all three on Netflix.

When I teach I keep the computer on with the display on the Smartboard. When something is appropriate I will play either You Tube or something else as an example of the film or the music. My students have to do a presentation for me and many use the same media.

In my World History class one night I was teaching about Charles Lindberg and historic flight to Paris. I explained that they even had a song and a dance about his trip called "The Lindy Hop." I played it for the class and then showed several examples of swing dancers dancing the Lindy Hop. It was amazing how the class picked up on this. I have 32 people in class and they all adopted the Lindy Hop. One student even found a vanity licence plate "Lindy Hop" as she was driving guests in her CME van to the airport in Denver. She took a photo of it with her phone and brought it to class to show.

Here is a link to a Lindy Hop contest. These dancers are amazing and keep in mind that his was a recent contest.

I love music, film and history. g

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