Monday, April 20, 2009

Contradiction of Terms

The People's Republic of Boulder

I have already used the word oxymoron recently so I will call this a contradiction in terms.

Yesterday I was in the People's Republic of Boulder in a sandwich shop buying a salad. While I was waiting I started reading the usual Boulder number of hand written signs on the wall. Two near the cash register caught my eye. One said that they would add 10% to your bill if you were caught talking on your cell phone while waiting in line. Freedom of speech? The other sign said that if you had parked in the parking lot next door the restaurant would hold your order until you moved your car. They were tired of hearing from the neighbors about their customers parking in their lot. Freedom of association?

One might think that in a "Live and let live" city like Boulder the businesses would be a bit more open minded and friendly. The place was packed so I guess it did not matter or maybe I was the only person reading the signs.

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