Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hands Free Cellphone Law

Hands Free Does Not Mean Brain Free

Several years ago a young Summit High student veered into the front end of a oncoming County dump truck near the Snake River Crossing by Summit Cove. She was not wearing her seat belt and was shoved completely under the dash. She lived but was crushed in the accident and spent a long time in rehab. She told the story that she had dropped a cassette tape on the floor of her car and she reached down to pick it up and in doing so turned the steering wheel enough to go into the oncoming lane.

About ten years ago a young female deputy sheriff working for me was driving toward Breckenridge to pick up her son from child care. She was a single mom and had worked for me for almost ten years. We can only surmise this but it appears that she dropped a cigarette or was reaching for something when she inadvertently pulled the steering wheel driving into a oncoming car. She was not wearing a seat belt and she hit her back on the floor mounted gearshift fracturing her spine which eventually killed her.

Colorado will soon have a law that will require everyone to have a hands free device if you talk on your cell phone while driving. I notice that most of the people on the road today are talking on the phone.

This has been studied to death and the real problem is not the cell phone but the distraction. When you are talking on the phone you are not paying attention to your driving.

I think that we are only solving part of the problem. The real problem is stupid drivers. The real problem is that people seldom think about the fact that they are driving a deadly weapon that could kill them or innocent others.

We need to pass a law requiring a brain to operate a vehicle.

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