Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Smell Of Money

It seems like our seasons are changing daily lately. One front after another blowing across the Gore Range and bringing snow or very warm weather. The voles are back in force along with a lush green lawn that, once again, will be full of dandelions. Oh well. I guess that all of that is part of nature.

Saw a piece this morning about how heavy people have a bigger carbon footprint and have a negative impact on the environment. It seems that fat people eat more (imagine that) and that it takes more fuel to haul a fat person around in a car than it does a more svelte being.

I grew up in a farming community and spent a lot of my youth moving manure in one form or other. The more interesting things in this whole debate is the amount methane gas (farts) that livestock produce and how that is bad for global warming. Global warming? How about the fact that it is just plain unpleasant?

My aunt Elsie used to say that was the smell of money as she would be cooking on her cob fired stove in the kitchen on the farm as the odoriferous odors of the pig lot would move through the room. Yum.

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