Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

Sunday morning comin' down

That was a song written by Kris Kristofferson and was made a hit by Janice Joplin and has been released by many artists including Willy Nelson and Johnny Cash. All are great versions although I think that Kris has the single worse voice of any singer that ever lived if you don't include me.

He has an interesting story. He was an Air Force brat as a son of a Major General. and became a Captain flying helicopters. He also completed Army Ranger School. He was a Rhodes Scholar (like Bill Clinton) and ended up being offered a job at West Point teaching American History that he declined.

After the military he decided he wanted a career in country music and he went to Nashville. He could not find a job and ended up as a janitor in music studio cleaning at night. From that venue he was able to observe the process and the stars and was a quick learner. He talked to the right people and offered up his songs and the rest is history. He met Bob Dylan who recorded Blond on Blond there as well as Johnny Cash.

He has also starred in many movies with some very high profile actors. I like watching him sing in large groups of other singers where you can't really hear his voice. I am sure that he is a great guy and tries very hard to sing but unfortunately we have to live with the tools God gave us. He has had many number one hits in his lifetime. As a point of reference the Grateful Dead never had a number one hit. g

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