Thursday, April 30, 2009

They are all naked

I remember watching the first meeting with Congress, executives of the big three auto companies and the auto unions. Congress was very aggressive as usual asking how are you going to solve this problem? The big three auto company executives had a deer in the headlights look showing their fear and trepidation. The union guy sat there with this smug look on his face acting typically arrogant. He had his contracts and congress or no one else was ever going to take that away.

Today Chrysler declared bankruptcy and General Motors will not be far behind. I wonder what that union guy looks like today? My heart is broken for the men and women who worked at the factories and especially for their families. I feel nothing but anger toward the unions and how they kept pushing and pushing for a bigger slice of the pie until there was no pie left to eat. Shame on them.

It has nothing to do with the economy. It was a train wreck that was happening for the past few years. They were all in major denial.

The organizations that are in the biggest trouble, the banks, the auto industry, the unions and the print media continue to have the attitude of "The Emperor's New Clothes." The time is getting close to the point where they will all look at each other and realize that they are all naked.

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