Friday, April 17, 2009

White on white

Summit County, Colorado
Gary Lindstrom

White on white

Visibility this morning from my window on the world is about 200 yards. We have been having steady snow for the past 24 hours and it is not supposed to end until tomorrow (Saturday) around noon. The Boulder National Weather Service Radar does not even show that it is snowing here but, as I have said before, their radar cannot look into the Blue River Valley of Summit County.

I had my first road closure alert yesterday around 4 pm when they closed Vail Pass westbound. It is ironic in a way that the road never really closes because of the snow. The road closes because of the terrible drivers in Colorado. They all buy $50,000 SUVs and put huge tires on them and then drive 90 miles per hour regardless of the conditions. When they spin out and crash that is what causes the road closure and not the snow. It is an intelligence test in reality and those who crash have failed.

If everyone would drive a reasonable speed then life would be a lot simpler for those of us who do drive a reasonable speed. Oh well. I guess it keeps the tow companies and body shops in business. g

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