Sunday, May 10, 2009

Being indecisive

I read a couple of articles on line this morning about what a terrible Governor Bill Ritter is now that he is in his third year. He basically did not have a plan or an agenda or a philosophy for his office. He was seen as weak by the Democrats and indecisive by the Republicans. I would agree.

I did not agree with anything that Bill Owens stood for but at least he stood for something. He had a plan and he worked his plan. He got the job done.

Bill Owens was Texas born and raised. I was very surprised at how many State Representatives and State Senators were also from Texas when I was in the House of Representatives. It was almost as if the people of Texas sent them here to run for office so that they could control all of the real estate the Texans owned.

It was like the Texas mafia and they got the job done. Any self respecting Colorado Representative or Senator knew that you had to go over to the dark side and ask for the help from the Texans.

Bill Ritter has one plan. To not do anything that might be deemed controversial so that he can get elected again next year not unlike everyone else at the Capitol. It is called job security.

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