Saturday, May 16, 2009

A brown lawn again

Without the ability to water outside my lawn takes the lowest priority. Under Colorado state water law it is illegal to use water outside of your residence if you are on a well. People on town water or a water district have unlimited use of their water outside but those of use in the "county" can't water our lawns.

That is a two edged sword. One is that without water my lawn dies around the first of July so I don't have to mow it. The second one is that with a dead lawn my world in not green but brown.

This even applies to people with outside hot tubs. They can't fill them legally. You can't have a planter box on your deck outside. You can't have a flower garden. It is an outside use. It is possible to buy water from someone who goes to the water plant and fills up a truck to haul it to people who want water outside.

And yes there are water police. The Colorado State Department of Natural Resources has Water Commissioners all over just checking on how people are using their water. Water is a finite resource and every drop is allocated to someone. Some of the allocation goes to the nice fountains in Las Vegas or the big swimming pools in Arizona.

So this morning I went out for the tenth time to cut dandelions out of my grass to keep them from going to seed. I am getting ready for my two or three times I will have to mow before my lawn goes back to desert.

An old friend told me once that if Colorado was flat without any mountains it would look like the Mojave Desert in California. No water would be collected so therefore there would be no trees or other plants. Thank God for the mountains.

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