Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't let Muffy become lunch

The ink was hardly dry on my last e mail when I got a note from a neighbor asking that I remind people about the threats of bears, coyotes and fox.

Bears are coming out of hibernation about now and when that happens they wander around looking for lunch which is what I normally do after having a nap. They will eat just about anything but they really like trash. Please store your trash in your garage or in a secure shed. Do not leave it in the containers next to your garage as the bears will most certainly get into it. Also there are ways to secure your trash with locks and cables.

In addition to the bears, when your trash is dumped by an animal and then the wind blows it ends up from one end of the subdivision to the other. That is a pain in the butt for the person at the end of the subdivision to clean up.

I have had fox for the past few weeks in my back yard early in the morning. They are trying to dig into the Vole holes in my yard which is not a bad thing for them to do but a fox will also kill a small dog or cat so please do not leave your pets out unattended. The same goes for the appetite of Coyotes.

As we warm up there are many more things for Bears, Coyotes and Fox to eat but that does not mean they will not get your kitty or puppy.

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