Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just tell the truth

Democrats do not know what it means to be a Democrat. Republicans do not know what it means to be a Republican. When push comes to shove they are all Libertarians at heart. The Republicans believe that government is too big and Democrats feel that government should not interfere with personal lives. Both are Libertarian tenents.

This year at the state legislature there was a bill to make the seat belt law a primary law to allow police officers to stop someone for not wearing their seat belt. Under current law they must be stopped for something else first. If this bill had passed fifty more citizens would be alive at the end of each year. This has been proven in states with a primary seat belt law. This bill failed.

This year a hands free cell phone law was proposed and watered down and in effect defeated. That law would have made it illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving without a hands free device. Many deaths are attributed to the distraction of cell phones. A little girl was run over in Fort Collins this year by a driver who admitted to talking on her cell phone as she drove over the child.

This year a bill to eliminate the death penalty was proposed and it failed. The death penalty does not stop people from committing a crime. People who kill people never think about the penalty. Most murders are a crime of passion and are spontaneous and not premeditated. The District Attorneys opposed this bill because it would have removed a bargaining chip with suspects. What a load of crap. It the District Attorneys were doing their job they would not have to leverage a possible death penalty in plea negotiations. Shame on them.

The bottom line folks is that many in the state legislature are really Libertarians. Do not screw with someones personal life and get government out of the lives of people who want to drive without a seat belt or talk on their cell phone. They believe that it is wrong for government to legislate personal behavior up to and including leaving a death penalty on the books that does not do anything.

I just wish that they could make up their collective mind. I just wish that we could all recognize that there really is a greater good.

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