Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kids and more kids

One hundred ninety nine young people graduated yesterday from Summit High School. When the new school opened a few years ago there were around one hundred graduating and now it has nearly doubled.

I remember the local pundits complaining that the new school was too big and would never be filled. How terribly wrong they were.

The reason people come to the high country is not because of economic opportunity or a great school or new found wealth. They come for the views. They come because of the natural beauty of this wonderful place. (In the summer. Ask me again in March.)

As long as the mountains are still there and even when the trees are sparse from the beetle kill, people will continue to come. They will come and bring their kids. They will come and have more kids. The kids will go to school and end up graduating. Maybe we need an even bigger high school.

By the way the number of babies being born at our new hospital is huge. Good place to live and a good place to have kids. I remember one of the County Commissioners opposing the new Birthing Center at the old Summit Medical Center because we would never use the facility. Another case of wrong thinking.

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