Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The military that can't shoot straight

After a week off and on snow in the high country we had a nice hard rain overnight that totally greened up the world. I can still see a lot of snow up high and that is a good thing for our water supplies this summer.

I keep saying that I am going to turn off my TV and stop watching the news. Somehow a magical spirit gets into my house and all of a sudden there is CNN on the TV. When I do take the time to watch it I quickly discover that there is still nothing on TV news. The White House Correspondent's Dinner has held the top slot for the past few days. President Obama has a wonderful sense of humor and a lot of class to make fun of himself in the process but, it is not news. It is comic relief. It is not important. It is no wonder that the media is in so much trouble.

The sergeant in Iraq who killed five of his friends was news. Very tragic news. I hope they list those victims as war dead and that they get every honor they can get from our nation. People who believe that the war in Iraq is nearly over are fools. There has been a lull but hundreds still die every month.

The four star general commanding our forces in Afghanistan was fired yesterday and replaced by a three star general who is an expert in insurgencies. I wonder who in the Pentagon finally woke up. The buzz is that it was a result of our Air Force killing 150 women and children in an attack last week. Reminds me of the Jimmie Breslin novel from years ago, "The Gang Who Could Not Shoot Straight." We have a military that can't shoot straight.

60 minutes on Sunday had a great piece on remote control bombers used in Iraq and Afghanistan. The pilots are ranking fighter pilots who sit at a base in the desert in Nevada. The aircraft can stay aloft for 24 hours over a target waiting for the command to shoot. No mess. No fuss. The pilot goes home that night and eats dinner with his family at home. The military is doubling the number of remote control aircraft for next year. All the time that the kids spend on their video games will help win future wars by remote control.

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