Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things to do while you are driving to and from Boulder

It takes me about two hours to drive to Boulder on Sunday morning to see my wife in the nursing home and, of course, it takes about two hours to drive back. I normally leave around 7 am in the morning and come back home to Breckenridge around 5 pm. I set the VCR to record CBS Sunday Morning (my favorite show) and then to record 60 minutes at 6 pm if I don't make it back in time.

The four hour round trip drive might just be the most productive time of my week. I listen to all of my favorite radios shows on National Public Radio and tune in my favorite Spanish language programs to find out what the rest of the world is saying about the news. Of course I listen to the BBC news on the hour and half hour. That is probably the purist form of news you can get. No emotion. Totally stoic. No opinion or spin. Nice.

Someone killed an Abortion Doctor in Kansas while he was attending church. There was a previous attempt on his life a few years ago that obviously failed. General Motors will probably declare bankruptcy tomorrow (Monday). That makes two of the big three now gone. All of the talk was how they would reorganize and come back stronger. Fiat is having some heartburn over buying Chrysler. The GM bondholders are balking at losing most of their investment. 70% of GM will be owned by the US and Canadian Governments. I still think that we should let both fail on their lack of merits and go on with life as we know it. We should not spend that kind of money to put the companies on life support. Notice that Ford has not had the same problems and has not asked for money.

It is almost time to watch 60 minutes. Maybe there will be something positive on that program that will calm me down.

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