Friday, May 1, 2009

What you feared the most will not come to pass

With the report that Justice David Souter of New Hampshire will step down at the end of this term just sent shudders through the right wing conservative Republican ranks. Oh my God. The end of the world has now happened.

Wrong. Justice Souter was appointed by King George the First a Republican. Justice Suter immediately started moving to the left but never went beyond moderate on the court. He followed the usual pattern of justices moving to the middle.

The exceptions remain Scalia and Thomas who will never move to the left unless we could move the clock back to 1776.

The buzz with my friends in Washington is that Obama will appoint a second woman to the court to finally replace O'Conner who, by the way was appointed by Reagan, moved to the center also.

It is amazing that "what you have feared the most did not come to pass." (From Job in the Old Testament in case you wondered.)

Calm down and get back to worrying about Swine Flu and the Economy.

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