Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When cometh the trash truck

Pogo would say that Friday the 13th came on Wednesday this May. We had very nice weather yesterday so I was able to ride my bike more than usual. At one point the oncoming wind speed exceeded my forward motion and I virtually stood still in my tracks. Interesting physics question? My trash container did not fare as well and ended up travelling a good distance a couple of times. After retrieving it I finally settled on putting it in my garage with the door open hoping that the trash guys would bother to look over and see it waiting to be dumped. I ended up in a state of high anxiety staring out the window for an long time. I spotted the truck at a fair distance and started walking to the garage to go get the container when the truck actually stopped and a young man hopped off and ran to my garage to get the container. I walked to the truck to bring it back and thanked him for his great eyes. Such is the life of a 67 year old man with nothing better to do. I could be robbing banks or shooting pool or stalking women in the produce section but no I spend my days watching for the weekly trash truck.

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