Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Boys (and girls) of Summer

There was a piece on the news last night from Chino, California about how the school board screwed up and did not have the kids in class long enough. Apparently they give every Friday off so the teachers can catch up. To do that they have to adjust each day's schedule. They missed the time by five minutes a day and now all of the students in the entire district have to spend the summer in class. Shame on the school district. Maybe they never learned math.

The point of the story was how unhappy the students were because they had to spend the summer in class rather than enjoying the summer the way normal kids do throughout our nation. They showed examples of running, playing and swimming as examples of what kids do in the summer.

I remember my summers in Iowa involved spending inordinate amounts of time at North Twin Lake near my hometown. My friends the Morton boys, R.E., (aka Bob), Denman and Glenn, had a house, a snack bar the the sweetest Chris Craft ski boat. It was Iowa bliss. I would have dropped out of school if my administrators had made a math error.

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