Friday, June 12, 2009

The burn barrel

When I was growing up in Iowa I remember that my mother would give me one kitchen match and the trash in a paper bag to take to the burn barrel at the alley behind our house. I always wondered if giving me one match would keep me from becoming an arsonist or nurture my latent thoughts about becoming a pyromaniac.

Today it is illegal to burn your trash and no one keeps their trash barrels in the street because of the bears. How times change.

Last night on the news there was a story about the planning commission denying a landfill in Adams County near DIA.

I found the entire discussion to be very ironic. The people who were complaining had recently built new homes near the new proposed landfill. The new landfill was going in right next to the existing landfill. It reminded me of the citizen complaints about noise from I 70 after they built their homes next to the existing highway. What came first?

The people complaining were upset that the landfill would cause a large number of birds to come to their area. That is true but what is wrong with a large number of birds? The said that it would cause planes to crash at DIA while, at the same time, the existing landfill has a large number of birds already and there have not been any bird vs. plane situations.

The representative of the landfill rightly said that landfills are a natural part of life and our society. People create trash and it must be put somewhere.

When our burn barrel back in Iowa would get full a man by the name of Kraft would come down the alley with a wagon pulled by a team of horses to empty our barrel and take the ashes to what we called "The Garbage Dump" or just "The Dump." No muss and no fuss. I also do not remember any birds at our city landfill but I do remember some very large rats that we would shoot as target practice.

Yes, there is no pleasing some people.

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