Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We watched and discussed a biopic of Fidel last night in Cuban Film. He is an interesting guy. The longest reign of any leader in the western hemisphere. He was the son of a very wealthy sugar grower, has a law degree, his mother was not the wife of his father but rather the maid in the house. He and Raul have different mothers. He speaks English and has spent a lot of time in the United States. He considered attending Columbia at one point. His father in law paid for a three month honeymoon in New York City. He has been married twice but also has around ten children from several different women. He has spent a few years in prison for being an activist. He was trained in guerrilla warfare in Mexico. He is a voracious reader and is considered to be a genius. There is virtually nothing that he does not know something about.

He has cancer and will probably not live very long. I personally believe that once he dies the United States will normalize relations with Cuba. There are several Cuban expatriates in Florida who are big contributors to the Republicans and they have been able to block the end of the embargo. Several of my peers have spent a lot of time in Cuba and have really enjoyed the experience. You have to go in through Canada, the Caribbean or Mexico as it is illegal for Americans to travel directly from the US to Cuba.

One of the more fascinating things about Cuba is that most of the cars there are circa 1950s American. I think that alone is reason to end the embargo and get those cars back on the road in the United States. (smiling)

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