Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iowa Radio Days

In my Cuban Film Class last night we watched a film about slavery and the fight for independence in 1830. It was a good movie with good acting and direction. All the way through it I was reminded of the Novellas on Spanish Television. Novellas are what we would call Soap Operas. At the end of the class the Professor mentioned that the film had also reminded him of a Novella.

Growing up in the 1940s in Iowa I remember my mother listening to Soap Operas on the radio. We got television in the mid-1950s so we used the radio for entertainment for many years growing up. By the way the reason they were called Soap Operas was because they were sponsored by soap companies.

Remembering the radio days I was also reminded of one of my mother's favorite radios shows, "Kitchen Klatter" broadcast from KFNF in Shenandoah, Iowa. It was a program with two housewives talking about their families and sharing recipes. My mother would not miss it. I mentioned that to a colleague at the college recently and she too remembered her mother listening to the program from her home in Smith Center, Kansas. I guess the ladies were the rock stars of their day.

The other thing that I remember my mother doing up to the day she passed away. She would always tune the radio to Storm Lake, Iowa to get the daily hospital report and the report from the funeral homes of who had died.

I guess that era has passed away also.

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