Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love is a dog

It seems as though everyone is always looking for unconditional love. You know the kind. Where two people love each other just for themselves. Nothing to do with money or possessions. Nothing to do with college degrees and life accomplishments. When you see an particularly unpleasant looking man walking down the street with a very beautiful woman don't you begin to ask the question, "What does she see in him?" It could be any of the aforementioned things or maybe she just loves him for him without condition. He might love her very much, be very loyal give her security and a warm feeling every time she sees him.

My favorite definition of unconditional love is a dog. They will love you regardless of who you are or how you act. They will wait for you without complaint for hours on end staring out the window looking for your car. When they finally see you coming through the door they immediately forget the hours that they waited for you. They are just happy that you are finally home regardless of how you may look.

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