Friday, June 19, 2009

My dad

Sunday is Father's Day. My father passed away more than 23 years ago. I still think about him every day. He was an amazing person. In later years I considered him a genius. He was brilliant even though he did not graduate from high school. He used to comment that he finished the third grade. I never knew if that was true. I do know that he had little respect for education and often ridiculed people with college degrees. He was from the school of hard knocks. He was the second oldest in a family of seven. He probably did go to work as soon as someone would hire him. He worked for Western Union putting up telegraph lines. He worked on the railroad. He built Air Bases in Kansas. He was a grocery delivery man. He was a plumber and a school custodian. He was also a veteran of WW II. He was a Navy Corpsman and served at the Brooklyn Navy Yard running ambulance calls in Times Square. He was at Treasure Island and San Diego. He was the sole medical person on a Destroyer Escort and was in effect the Ship's Doctor as the ranking medical person. This guy who finished the third grade. He was an accomplished artist and I would imagine that some of his murals still exist today. I will remember him on Sunday and continue to think about him every day.

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