Monday, June 1, 2009

Not retired yet

I always thought the song said, "April Showers" and "June Flowers." Today is the first of June and it is still raining. For the past few years I have lived in Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador during their rainy seasons and rain it did, in very large buckets. At least they have the dates right as compared to the composer of the song.

I retired as a police officer in 1992, I retired as a County Commissioner in 2004. I retired as a Colorado State Representative in 2007. I continue to work as a Customer Service Representative at the Summit Community Care Clinic. I have been an instructor at Colorado Mountain College since 1983 and could retire today if I wanted to or felt some need to end my career in education. I doubt if I will do that. After all of my other retirements I will continue to teach until they "pry my cold dead hand from my book."

Jackson Browne is one of my favorite singers and songwriters. He has written many great songs including a few for The Eagles. This morning I was listening to "The Pretender" and the words reminded me of being retired for some reason. Of course it is not me (smiling) but it reminds me of many of my friends. It is about your dreams that remain unfulfilled and looking back asking what happened? Take a listen.

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