Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Third Party Movement

In the past few days we have been getting the results of the European Union elections to their Parliament. It is too complicated to explain here but the results are fascinating. The members of the Parliament are elected in the way that we are most accustomed to here in the United States. Initially there were indications that the voters were moving toward a more conservative position in light of the economic downturn when in fact the election was more in favor of third party candidates. In effect they were saying "None of the above." It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

I missed the last couple of day and I apologize. I started back at the Summit Community Care Clinic where I am not a doctor but play one on TV. I also started the Summer Semester at Colorado Mountain College where I am teaching 20th Century World History and Comparative Government. Comparative Government is sometimes also called Comparative Politics and covers the examination, comparison and contrast of governments throughout the world. I am also starting a class this evening in Cuban Film as part of my continuing quest to become fluent in Spanish.

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