Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is love?

I keep trying to not watch the news and to send things in my blog that are more upbeat. It is hard as watching the news is a true addiction. Summit County now has a Spanish radio station so I turn it on and turn the TV off. I love the bumper stickers that tell us to, "Shoot Your TV." Great advice.

This is actually a commercial for Pepsi Max. It was originally created by Saturday Night Live but it was so well received that Pepsi decided to use it and premiere the song at the Super Bowl. I love it especially the part where the man's wig flops back and then forward. By the way Pepsi Max is regular Pepsi with extra caffeine.

My pastor in Boulder is about as wired as you can get and then he lives on energy drinks. Coffee is almost too much for me.

I read a report recently that most energy drinks are just sugar and caffeine. Sugar is 100% carbohydrates and then caffeine is the topping on the cake. Some manufacturer gave the college where I teach several cases of energy drinks for my students. I did not notice any difference.

I can get a better high from running six miles or riding my mountain bike for an hour.

Anyway here is the clip from Youtube of the commercial. This one is very short.

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