Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Buy a Honda

There is a Porsche rally at the Keystone Ski Resort this week. Lots of 356's and cherry old models driving all over the county. Reminds me of when I went through my own personal mid-life crises and I bought a Porsche back in the early 1970s. It was probably the worst car I have ever owned with my Saab Turbo coming in a close second. I had always read good things about their engineering. Trust me. It is not true. I had actually owned a VW Bug in 1961 and that was a great car. Could not hurt it if you tried but both the Porsche and Saab were terrible cars. I could not keep them running and when I went to the shop it was a minimum of $1000 to drive through the door. I guess there is a major cost for the prestige you have while waiting at a light and others are envious of your car. If they only knew.

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