Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cars and more cars

Each summer Summit County hosts a number of statewide and national events. Each year some are the same and some are new and different. Two weeks ago we had the Porsche group and that was interesting. This weekend it seems as though everyone is driving a Corvette so it must be their weekend. We used to have a Mustang weekend and the Panteras would slide in under that umbrella also. We have had antique car rallies where you can't get from here to there quickly because of the slow moving Model T and Model A Fords. They are fun to watch. I really like the period costumes. It is a play and they are the actors. Nice. Around the 4th of July each year the Dodge Vipers come and work very hard to wear off a set of tires by spinning them at every opportunity. Fat, bald old men who are immediate transformed into the cool dude from 1956 with the white bucks, rolled up jeans and a white t shirt with a pack of unfiltered Camels in the sleeve. My God! I just described myself. Heaven forbid.

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