Monday, July 27, 2009

Ear Worms

Strange as it may seem it is called an "ear worm." It is where you can't get a song off of your mind. You hear it once and for hours and sometimes for days. Sometimes you will wake up with the song on your mind and go to sleep with the song on your mind. At times it can be pleasant and other times irritating.

I do the same thing with people's faces. I will see someone in a store or a restaurant, can't place them, and then spend the rest of my day or week trying to remember who they are. I wonder if that is a function of growing older?

I have always had a great memory. When I was a police officer I would memorize the "Hot Sheet" of license plates of stolen or wanted cars. I would not even have to look at my notebook as I was driving down the road. I could even put the letters in order with the numbers in another list in my mind. I made a lot of good arrests because of that ability. I guess that is gone now. I have to look up my own account numbers and PIN numbers when needed.

I have developed another irritating habit of always being able to remember someones first name but not their last name. I will say to my friends, "You know, Joe what's his name." Of course my friends do not have a clue as to who I am referring to at the time. Sometimes it helps to put Joe in a certain context like, "You know Joe. The guy who works at the tire shop." Then my friends can help.

Last but not least I have started seeing faces of people that I have no point of reference to in my life. Just a face. Men and women but a face. No body. Just a face. I am sure they exist somewhere but that where is the kicker.

Maybe that will become my next lifelong goal to find the name that goes with the face. Or go back to memorizing licence plates.

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