Friday, July 3, 2009

I love to teach

I began teaching at the college level in 1970 at Metropolitan State College in Denver in the Criminal Justice program. I started teaching at Colorado Mountain College in 1983 in Criminal Justice and then moved on to Social and Behavioral Science. I consider it a privilege to teach and I continue to teach today. This summer I am teaching Comparative Government and Contemporary World History. This fall I will be teaching Introduction to Sociology I, Social Psychology, American Government and Political Science.

All I ask of my students is to bring an open mind to class. I never, ever try to convince them to think and feel the way I do about the subject. In fact I tell them that I enjoy conflict and disagreement in my classes. I will often take the opposite position just to stimulate discussion. I have given an A grade to students who totally disagree with me. I gave them an A because they did the work and they proved to me that they learned the course work. I would never give an A to a student who simply agreed with me.

I teach students how to think. I teach students how to learn. I teach students how to succeed in life.

I love to teach.

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