Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just answer the question

Survived the public hearing in fine shape. It was really funny. It would have made a great Saturday Night Live Skit. Colorado has a constitutional amendment that put in place a permanent Medical Marijuana system. The question was never "Should we have Medical Marijuana?" The question was, "how many patients (users) should one caregiver (grower) be able to have?" The state was proposing five and the opponents felt that it was too low and would create a huge network of small growers (not midgets but growers with small crops). To a person the police officers and district attorneys got up and spoke against having the program at all. They wanted it abolished. I would question their ability to read and understand the law. That was not the question. They answered a question that was not asked and could not be asked. I am not an attorney but I teach law in several different iterations including Constitutional law at the college level. I would have given the cops and the DAs an F in my class. They simply do not get it. By the way there were a few opponents who did not get it either. They wanted to testify as to their personal experiences and not to the question of the number of growers. Maybe we should have a class for people before they testify. This is the question. You either support or oppose the question. We do not need to know what you think or feel about any other issue. End of class.

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