Friday, July 24, 2009

Just be careful out there

On one of our local social network blogs there was a flurry of activity yesterday as one member posted photos of a Moose in his back yard. The Moose was fearless and walked right up to the deck. I have seen Moose several times and they have a right to be fearless. They are very tall and appear menacing although they probably are not.

In the comments that followed a couple of people said that while riding horses in the same area they had been circled by Mountain Lions stalking their prey, people on horses. I have lived in Colorado for nearly 40 years and there have been many people killed by Mountain Lions. I drive by a bridge weekly named after a young man killed by a Mountain Lion a few years ago near Idaho Springs. I remember the story was that he was jogging through the canyon and the Mountain Lion jumped him from the rear biting his neck and killing him. Wildlife officials surmised that the lion may have thought the boy was a deer.

When I was running daily on Straight Creek Drive in Dillon Valley I encountered a Mountain Lion sleeping on the asphalt paved Little Beaver Trail. My dog alerted me to the lion and I decided to stop and when I did that the Lion ran across Interstate 70 back up Ptarmigan Mountain.

I reported the sighting to the Wildlife officer at the time and he told me that I must have been seeing things as there were no lions in the area. In the next couple of weeks there were many more sightings including several near Silverthorne Elementary. I think the wildlife officer was hoping that the lion had left the area and did not want to alarm anyone by reporting my sighting.

After the moose thing yesterday someone quoted something that I quote often. We are living in the home of the wildlife. They are not living in the home of humans. It is their land not ours. Just be careful out there.

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