Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lavinia, Iowa

My mother passed away twenty years ago today. I still think of her daily and miss her a lot.

She was born and raised near a small town in Iowa. The town was Lavinia and was one of those throwback communities that was created as a grain elevator centered place that eventually had a grocery store, a church, a bank and an auto garage. The school was actually on my mother's farm a few miles away.

When I was growing up I would go to Lavinia with my aunt and uncle to buy milk and bread. Later I would haul grain with a tractor and wagon to the elevator. A grain elevator was a structure that lifted grain into bins that could then be dropped into railroad cars hence the word elevator. During the harvest season or when the price of corn and beans was high the elevator was the center of the universe for the local farmers. The elevators are still there but the trains no longer come and the tracks have been torn up. The railroad right of way is now being farmed instead of cutting a swath through the farmlands. Some would call that progress but some would say not.

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