Thursday, July 2, 2009


The ability to listen is probably the number one attribute anyone can have. It does not take money or college degrees. All it takes it the ability to stop talking and to listen to what people are saying.

I was listening to a discussion this morning about travel and how Americans are perceived in other countries. The speaker commented that people abroad love President Obama because he listens. He comes to Europe and other countries and actually sits down the listens to what the people have to say. He cares about what is on their minds. Their feelings and their needs. This is compared to the last president who would come to the country and then proceed to tell them how they should think and act. People were offended by the last president.

My Masters Degree is in Human Communication and I will give you a graduate level course in listening in one minute. If you are talking then you are not listening. Good communication is not a contest to see who can talk the most. If your mouth is moving then your ears are shut off. If what you have to say is more important than the other persons thoughts and ideas then you are not listening. Be quiet and listen and see what you can learn. Be quiet and listen and see how your star will rise in you circle of friends. Think of the people who really impress you in life and I am sure that they are good listeners.

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