Monday, July 20, 2009

Proposed rules for medical marijuana

Off to Denver early this morning to testify before the Colorado Board of Health concerning proposed rule changes for Medical Marijuana. Several years ago both Frisco and Breckenridge were two of the first towns to approved medical marijuana in the State of Colorado. Since then a statewide approval was given by the voters and it has been the law for many years. There has always been a conflict between the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration and our state law. Recently the United States Attorney General suspended drug enforcement a the federal level when it conflicted with state Medical Marijuana laws. The result of that has been the opening of many retail stores in Colorado and in other states where people holding prescriptions can purchase marijuana legally. In California they have also moved to have marijuana in 24 hour vending machines. The Colorado Board of Health is now proposing that providers can only serve five patients. That would end the progress that has been made recently.

I have always supported the legalization of marijuana. I feel that if it is legal we can tax it and use that money to provide health care and education for all of the people. Why should the drug dealers make all the money? Speaking of that, organized crime and local drug dealers are opposed to the new progressive laws concerning medical marijuana. Imagine that. The Colorado Board of Health and organized crime and drug dealers on the same side of an issue.

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