Thursday, July 30, 2009

Snow in July?

I just turned my furnace on for the first time in a couple of months. I live alone so it is not normally an issue. If I get cold I know who to blame.

We had major rain all night long and it is still raining right now at 10 am. I looked out around 7 am and there was a skiff of snow on my deck in the midst of the rain. My good friend Don Brown in Estherville, Iowa never believes me when I report snow this early but it was real snow. Not hail and not the result of drinking too much wine last night. Real snow.

I am not sure if I am ready for this. I have lived in Colorado for almost 40 years and I still am not used to the cold and snowy weather. Yet I do know that the very best time of the year is September and October. It is when we have the county all to ourselves and the weather is perfect. None of this stuff to impress the tourists who are long gone then.

I wonder if I should light my fireplaces? I have two. One in the living room and one in the master bedroom. Both are gas fireplaces and are virtually worthless for heat. Probably fits along with snow on the 30th of July.

I do know that the sun is still shining brightly high above the very dark clouds.

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