Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We live our lives in increments. We do not live our lives from beginning to end but in pieces. We have some short increments and some longer increments but increments none the less. Those of us who are allegedly retired have much longer increments. It could be from Senior Lunch to Senior Lunch or a week at a time from church to church. Regardless it is those increments that keep everyone going. Small intermediate goals to reach. Places to start and stop. I just finished doing my teaching schedule through December. I now have five increments each week that go until December 10. Soon I will begin to live my life in those increments and each class and each week will be benchmarks of time in my life for the next few months. It is funny how we measure our lives by time. It is funny how we sometimes want time to speed up and sometimes we want it all to slow down. It is good that we measure our lives.

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