Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dumb vs. Dumber

"We are having a heat wave. A tropical heat wave." It is 30 degrees here this morning. I can see the palm trees waving in the breeze off the deck of my cabana. Well not really but it is a lot warmer today than yesterday. As I moved around Summit County yesterday there was a hint of Autumn in the air. Today there might be a hint of August in the air.

When I was growing up in Iowa I used to read Mad Magazine. They had a cartoonist whose name was Don Martin. He did a cartoon called "Spy vs. Spy." One spy was dark and the other spy was light.

I think that today Don Martin could do a cartoon called "Dumb vs. Dumber" and it could be about the health care plan and the people who oppose the health care plan. The people who are proposing the health care plan are dumb because they have yet to realize that people do not want a health care plan. Yes, I think that it is a good idea but just because it is a good idea does not mean that people want to have the plan. The people who oppose it are dumber because their arguments in opposing it are based on lies and things that are not even in the plan.

Oh well. I guess it gives dumb people and even dumber people something to do as we wrap up this summer.

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