Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Honorable

If you are a former president you carry the title of president for the rest of your life. It always goes before your name in introductions and in the media. That is also true with senators and representatives. When I am introduced in public I remain Representative Lindstrom even though I left office two years ago. I don't see that as a problem and it is a short resume of my last job as an elected official.

Along with the title I still get a ton of mail, e mail and phone calls from people asking for my advice, my opinion and my experience on various matters. That is not a problem either and it probably keeps me from a life of crime or at least out of the pool halls. In addition I am asked to speak or attend ribbon cuttings on a regular basis.

I have two successor's Senator Dan Gibbs and Representative Christine Scanlan who are still in office. If they attend a function then I will not because in my opinion it takes attention away from the people who still have to run for office while I do not.

One funny thing in all of this is that I am very often introduced as "The Honorable" Gary Lindstrom. I want to know by who's opinion. What makes me or any current or past elected official "honorable?" Based on recent highly publicized events it some instances it might be more appropriate to say "The Dishonorable" for some elected officials.

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