Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am not your mothers

One of my favorite things to say as I teach my college classes is, "I am not your mother."

I am just wrapping up the summer semester and will give the final next Wednesday. I am teaching Comparative Government and 20th Century World History. Both classes are very interesting and I enjoy teaching both subjects. One speaks about systems while the other focuses on specific events in our recent past.

From just about the first day of class I can tell which students had great parents and which students did not. The students with a strong foundation in life are pretty much self sufficient and are always chomping at the bit to get going to the next level. The students who have never learned responsibility and have been "just getting along" are so much different.

My co-dependent self will want to hold their hand and spend a lot of time explaining what is required of them in the class. I realize that is wrong and that is exactly why they are in trouble in the first place.

My best bet is to remind them that, "I am not your mother" and then turn the issue around and ask them what they think they need to do. Let them figure it out on their own and then give them an affirmation if they are right.

I guess I am also teaching them about life because they did not get that when they were still at home.

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