Friday, August 28, 2009

Leonard Cohen

I read an article by Sasha Frere-Jones in the New Yorker on-line this morning about Leonard Cohen. You can read it at

There is a talk/music program on weekends from Tucson, Arizona that includes Fred Imus, Don Imus' brother. It is interesting and funny to listen to as you are driving down the road. A couple of weeks ago they featured Leonard Cohen singing, "Hallelujah" the proverbial song that is sung in thousands of churches every Sunday morning across the world. They also mentioned that he had been on Austin City Limits.

That was the first time I heard of him.

A few days later our local PBS station in a fundraiser featured Cohen in his "Leonard Cohen from London" CD. I could not stop listening. His music is haunting. By the way he is in his 70s now.

Leonard Cohen's songs have been recorded by the Beatles and Bob Dylan to name a couple. He collaborated with Joan Baez in the 60s on some tunes. He is an icon in the music industry yet a lot of people have never heard of him.

The articles describes how his manager stole several millions of dollars from him and left him nearly broke. He won a lawsuit against her but could not recover any of the money. He is Jewish but more recently spent many years in a Buddhist Monastery.

Interesting fellow.

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