Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No New Taxes

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us. Nice if it weren't for all those folks out there in their cars driving up and down the highway looking at the mountain views. Oh well. I guess that is what pays the bills.

President George H.W. Bush got crosswise with the voters after saying, "No New Taxes" and then raising taxes.

President Barack Obama campaigned on a promise that any new taxes will only be paid by people making more than $250,000 a year. Now today people from the White House are saying that a new tax on the middle class might be needed to pay off the debt for the stimulus package and other such stuff.

The lesson is to not say anything one way or the other about taxes. When someone brings up taxes change the subject. It is something that removes presidents from office or at least the second term.

The mess was created by President George W. Bush. He passed the first stimulus package and then President Obama had to continue the effort by passing the second package.

Maybe would could just give the credit and the blame to both presidents.

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