Monday, August 24, 2009

School's Open Drive Carefully

She seemed to be very tall. In the beginning I could only see her head as she moved down the bike path. Her head did not bounce up and down the way it would if she were walking or running. Her head moved motionless as her body moved north toward the school. She was on a very long skateboard. Probably good practice for snowboarding in a few weeks. She was on her way to school for the first day this school year. School is open.

I did not attend a one room school growing up in Rockwell City, Iowa. I attended a one building school. K through 12 all in the same building. Kindergarten through ninth grade were all in the older building on the east side, the side with the playground. High School 10th through 12th was on the west side, the side with the parking for all the student's cars.

I was an intelligence specialist in the Air Force from 1960 to 1964 and I spent a lot of time looking at aerial photographs trying to decide which buildings to blow up based on their use. I could have told you that my school building was a school building just based on the playground and the parking lots. Funny how function follows need.

Drive carefully. School is open.

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