Monday, August 31, 2009

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

A strange quiet has fallen over the Blue River Valley as August comes to a close. Must be all those guests and visitors being gone. Being quiet. Being still. We have our "most beautiful place on the planet" back again. To ourselves. Our roads and our grocery stores and our gas stations. Empty. Nice.

Channel 9 did a piece over the weekend about how there are a lot of jobs available in Summit County with the four ski areas getting cranked up again. That is true every year. Our peak times are from the first of December to the middle of April. Not long to have a job but it is a job of a lifetime. When those young people are 80 they will be in their nursing homes or assisted living facilities boring their fellow inmates about when they were living the high life of drugs, sex and rock and roll in the Colorado high country. I know I will.

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