Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Someone's Children

Just watched the two American women landing in California after being released in North Korea. It was overwhelming to me to see this happen.

I watched an interview with one of the fathers last night and he was so very happy. He referred to the past few weeks as being an emotional roller coaster. The women were sentenced to serve 12 years hard labor following their conviction of being in North Korea illegally.

I have also read the reports this morning about what it took to get Bill Clinton to North Korea to help in their release. Apparently the two were reporters for Al Gore's news organization and that association started the effort to effect the release. North Korea had said they would consider the release if "a former president" would come to North Korea.

I have five children. Two sons and three daughters. I can't imagine the pain and suffering I would go through if this had happened to any of my children.

Every prisoner in the entire world is the son or daughter of someone. I am sure that they all feel the pain of having someone you love locked away in prison. My heart goes out to all of the parents of prisoners.

We need to be proud of the efforts of all of the men and women who caused the release of these women.

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