Monday, August 17, 2009

Time Marches Backwards

Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge opens their new building today.

The Grand Opening is August 29 which I will have to miss.

I started teaching at CMC in 1983 more than 26 years ago. The former campus was in a building that was built in 1909 the year my father was born. It served as the Summit County High School from 1909 to the 1950s when it was condemned by the school district to pave the way to build a new high school in Frisco which is now the middle school. The "condemned" high school in Breckenridge continued to be used until last Friday.

While it was the CMC building it actually won an award for being a unique and historic building for the college. The "condemned" building won an award. How neat is that?

It was my office in 1976-1977 when I was with the District Attorney. It was also the South Branch of the Library, Breckenridge Town Hall and the first location for the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center.

The basketball gym was converted into a two story set of classrooms while the main floor remained painted with the markings for the basketball court. The college traded the building back to the Town of Breckenridge for the land where the new building is located and now they will restore it back into Town Hall. There is also a movie theatre (The Speakeasy) in the basement where the High School Auditorium was located. The original stage remains in place.

Interesting when progress can be defined as the town moving into a building that was actually condemned nearly 60 years ago. I think it is a wonderful idea and fully support the decision. We need to preserve the past whenever possible.

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